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Classic flash game - only for PC and some can play on mobile

Flash game - New for both PC and mobile!

JavaScript game - Old for PC and some mobile
Game1: Sum 10
Game2: Find Jellyfish
Game3: Tic Tac Toe Human vs Human
Game4: Tic Tac Toe with com
Game5: Tic Tac Toe com vs com
Game6: Connect 4 humann to human
Game7: Connect 4 with com
Game8: Connect 4 com vs com
Game9: 5 in a line human to human
Game10: 5 in a line with com
Game11: 5 in a line com vs com
Game12: Open matching
Game13: Memory matching
Game14: Treasure searching
Game15: Lucky draw
Game16: Master mind
Game17: HIdden Minesweeper
Game18: Grid color painter
Game19: Press 50 color box
Game20: Find 25 smiles box
Game21: Find the most color box
Game22: Hit the grass mouse
Game23: Crocodile dentist
Game24: Find the biggest animal on the farm
Game25: Traditional Animals chess

Game26: Chess
Game27: Traditional chess
Game28: Senet chess
Game29: Guess word a-z
Game30: Draught
Game31: Simple scrabble
Game32: Simple scrabble (with preset alpha)
Game33: Square occupy
Game34: Square occupy with com
Game35: Square occupy with 3 com
Game36: Card game
Game37: Tradition blind chess
Game38: 2 Dices
Game39: Simple scrabble with random computer choice
Game40: Find groups 3 in the farm
Game41: Sum 10 in free number grid
Game42: Sum 50 in free number grid
Game43: Single box Mutiple formula challenge
Game44: Single box Sum formula challenge
Game45: Single box Sum/Minus formula challenge
Game46: Single box Sum/Minus/Multiple formula challenge
Game47: All boxes Multiple formula challenge
Game48: All boxes Sum formula challenge
Game49: All boxes Sum/Minus formula challenge
Game50: All boxes Sum/Minus/Multiple formula challenge
Game51: Traditional Chinese Chess- with random step
Game52: Go, with random steps
Game53: Go to 1, Human vs Com, arrow key control
Game54: Moon Mission
Game55: Simple Galaxy, arrow key control
Game56: Search the submarine
Game57: Press the bubble
Game58: Press the yellow circle area
Game59: Press all the yellow ducks
Game60: Buy animals in the farm
Game61: Simple snake and ladder
Game62: Simple snake and ladder with com
Game63: Correct the soduko
Game64: Apple chess human vs human
Game65: Go human vs human
Game66: Piano scale (from do to do')
Game67: Music note practice (lower lower c to c)
Game68: Music note practice (c to upper upper c)
Game69: unlimited chess auto play (4 computer)
Game71: Press the apple
Game72: Press the fruit
Game73: Press the fruit with snake
Game74: Plane war, mouse/mobile version
Game75: Test drive, mouse/mobile version
Game76: Test drive to 1 , mouse/mobile version
Game77: Find the hidden 1, mouse/mobile version
Game78: Test drive with moving ball, mouse/mobile version
Game79: Pong with com, mouse/mobile version
Game80: Dynamic brick, mouse/mobile version
Game81: Vertical test drive, mouse/mobile version
Game82: Vertical plane test drive, mouse/mobile version
Game83: Flight war , mouse/mobile version
Game84: Flight war dynamic fire , mouse/mobile version
Game85: Flight war 2.00 dynamic fire , mouse/mobile version
Game86: Flight war 3.00 dynamic fire , mouse/mobile version
Game87: Press left right top down key exerise, keyboard version
Game88: English Typing practice with keyboard
Game89: Keyboard practice chiangjie
Game90: Plane war with comupter, keyboard version
Game91: Test drive, keyboard version
Game92: Test drive with number , keyboard version
Game93: Find the hidden 1 , keyboard version
Game94: Vertical test drive , keyboard version
Game95: Test drive to moving ball , keyboard version
Game96: Pong with com , keyboard version

Game97: Dynamic brick , keyboard version
Game98: Flight war 2.00 , keyboard version
Game99: Vertical plane test drive , keyboard version
Game100: Flight war , keyboard version
Game101: Flight war with dynamic fire , keyboard version

Game102: Flight war 3.00 , keyboard version

------------------------------------------------------------------- New

Game103: Press orange balloon, mouse/mobile version
Game104: Press 50 balloons, mouse/mobile version
Game105: Press 1 to 9, mouse/mobile version
Game106: Press 1 to 9 balloon mouse/mobile version
Game107: Press 5 balloon mouse/mobile version
Game108: Sum 10 balloon mouse/mobile version
Game109: coin collector mouse/mobile version
Game110: Unlimit chess Human vs Com
Game111: Unlimit chess Com vs Com
Game112: Unlimit chess Human vs 2 Com
Game113: Unlimit chess 3 Com
Game114: Unlimit chess Human vs 3 Com
Game115: Clean the ocean
Game116: Clean the ocean Human vs Com
Game117: Clean the ocean Com vs Com
Game118: Go to 1, Human vs Com
Game119: Go to 1 Com vs Com
Game120: Get the apple
Game121: Get the apple Human vs Com
Game122: Get the apple Com vs Com
Game123: Grid Tetris

Micro bit blocky and python
Micro bit explanation and code reference
Virtual micro bit - introduction
Virtual micro bit - dice
Virtual micro bit - coin and flipper
Virtual micro bit - Cloth, scissor and stone
Virtual micro bit - Crocodile dentist
Virtual micro bit - 321 reaction game
Virtual micro bit - Car game
Virtual micro bit - Cat and mice
Virtual micro bit - Guess 1 to 10
Virtual micro bit - snake and ladder
Virtual micro bit - one point tetris
Virtual micro bit - red and green LED game
Virtual micro bit - Pong
Virtual micro bit - 8 arrows memory game
Virtual micro bit - from heart and smile, then real step counter
Virtual micro bit - shake dice
Virtual micro bit - auto and manual fan
Micro bit with tinker kit explanation
Virtual micro bit - play sound with button (tinker kit)
Virtual micro bit - Electro- Theremin
Virtual micro bit - Motion light
Virtual micro bit - Treasure box Virtual micro bit - Soil water test and auto refill
Virtual micro bit - Traffic light
Virtual micro bit - Counter with led
Virtual micro bit - Micro python editor
Virtual micro bit - Sound counter with led
Micro bit animation (manual) for micro python
Micro bit animation (random) for micro python
Micro bit tune maker for micro python
Micro python editor

Choiced App inventor 2 game - app over 10 download!

Robomind - virtual robot software and .robo file can to use on Ev3 or other robots
Map maker

Flash version
javascript version

Map maker 2

Flash version 2
javascript version

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