Date: 5 May 2018
From: Editor
How to make a robot to clean sea surface and undersea?
For the sea surface, You can make the jellyfish robot

Jellyfish robot is coming from idea of seabin. System that develop by Australia environment protection team. It using a bin and turbine to suck bins near sea surface.

Jellyfish robot is just it mini version. We decide from an aqua diving bump. 100 To 500 litre per hour water flow.

Using it with a ship power supply (220v AC). Pull off the diving pump filter set.

And it only a underwater turbine. Then prepare 2 pipe. One for water flow in and out. 2 Hole near turbine axis to make water out. It should be side by side. And stick it with pump. The other side out pipe would allow water and bin sucking in. Then prepare a smaller and short bin collector to collect bins. It can be with a handle to take out bins easily from time to time.

While its link with boat. It can only use in sea surface. So need to add float sponge to set it near the sea surface to filter seawater rapidly.

For more, we can make a undersea version.

Unlike jellyfish robot. It would have indepndent power and control system

It a different type. It make from a DIY or 3D print case. It have 2 pumps for direction. Left and right. On off right. On On forward. Off On left. It optional to have tbe third pump to float or sink.

It would decide to buy a water proof turbine and water proof RC system to reduce the difficult of making it.

It would have a jellyrobot diving pump system as a sucking rubbish on the sea bed.

Its sucker should face forward. To make it easier to suck.

It can also set a lock for the sucker to aviod bin flow out while return.

It is remote control system. As 40 mhz to 75 mhz remote underwater. It would use 2 bar remote while control 4 to 5 servos.

It can be much more..

Think Yourselves.

It can buy from new or 2 hand device. Its cost high if new. Make sure every is in good quality by experts before testing.

Date: 8 May 2018
From: Editor
How to make air conditioner cooler in low cost?
It simply to stick metal sticker. You can buy it from stationery store or online or from old battery metal sticky cover. Then place it on air conditioner air out flow moving leaf (lower position part). 5 3x3 cm grid can reduce 1 degree c.

I tried for many years. DC fan leaf, Ac Fan leaf and now Ac conditoner.

For Ac air conditioner. I open for 12 continuous hours before and still feel hot. Then I added from original 1 to 5 sticker. Now I open air conditioner 4 hours at night and 2 hours at afternoon and feel cool.

It can reduce hot air generate outside and reduce co2 and save money. Hope more people to follow :)

Date: 16 May 2018
From: Editor
Wisely choose fans, it can help you feel cooling down when indoor
The best fan for cooling indoor. Is a fan that have high spinning speed and with louver. Trying to buying it from time to time. Usually 2 to 3 years one time.

Head moving fan can cool many area. But it not effective. When you sit down on a place. When 26 degree C. With a head moving fan, you would easy to get hot. But in contrast. A louver fan would make you feel cold as using low level air con.

Try it yourself and with friends. Save some money! Enjoy a cooler Summer!

Date: 25 May 2018
From: Editor
How to make a simple diy air conditioner?
Prepare an empty box then make a hole on top. Allow fan blowing. Fan face to hole and blow the wind inside the box.

Then prepare hole on the box side. It is set as a output of the conditioner, 1 inch for each is suitable.

Final open the box and add a bowl of ice with salt. In a proportion of 3 ice and 1 salt. It would decrease the ice temperature from zero degree c to at most -20 degree c. With salt it can much much cooler and make it more effective.

Lock the box and open fan. Soon you will enjoy this environment friendly fan.

Date: 25 May 2018
From: Editor
Make a free light from roof or window
It really a good idea to use sunlight as bulb light. It free and environment friendly.

If you use it on roof. Make it with a bottle. Add water and a bit bleach. Bleach can prevent algae grow in bottle. It specially decide for metal root. But it can also use with brick roof.

For the window, you can simply make a hole. Allow light access to indoor. You may also try to make a hole on metal piece or card board. To control enough light get indoor. And resist excess light and heat from outdoor. You will get a comfort place for reading and writing...

Date: 17 June 2018
From: Editor
7.2 fan add protective cover

Date: 3 Jul 2018
From: Editor
Reduce to use plastic straw
The video of healing a sea turtle from picking out plastic straw nose had alerted people worldwide to reduce the use of plastic straw and other one time plastic products.

There are 3 simple way to reduce plastic straw.

1. Drink directly. If you feel unclean. You can clean it with tissue before drink or fill to a cup to drink it.

2. Using paper straw to replace it. There are little product there. Search online and will be a trend.

3. Using metal straw. Prepare yourself or Go to the shop that have it.

Date: 15 Sept 2018
From: Editor
Try Tv remote app before replace yours remote control
Nowadays, remote control technology become common. Many famous Brand TV remote control can be replaced by app. Simply try to get 1 free app (With basic function) instead of buying a new one. Save resource and money.